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ABOUT « Lake Lanier Fishing Reports


Doug is 48 years old and married with 5 daughters.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family outside his Lake Lanier “office”.  A member of North Metro First Baptist Church for the past 9 years, anyone who fishes with, or knows Doug can easily see his gift of love and natural talent for fishing.

Doug’s time on the circuit, traveling the United States for 10 years fishing tournaments, has helped him develop not only skills in the sport of angling, but also in professionalism, customer service, appreciation, and wisdom of all that is involved in the sport.

Doug has an exclusive, 20+ year relationship with Emerald Point.  He provides door to dock service for the clients that lodge there.

Doug is known as one of the most respected fishing guides on Lake Lanier, and his time on the lake, (well over 300 days each year) as well as his long term-repeat customers back that reputation.  Doug has clients that go back more than 20 years!

HIs goal each day is to witness “that look” on his clients’ face when they bring in their catch.  The satisfaction he receives in knowing his job brings joy, and a relaxing time away from the stresses of every day life is paramount in his day.  Doug places customer satisfaction at the top of his list.

Come experience the difference that sets this fishing guide apart from the rest, come fishing with Doug Youngblood and Fish Lanier!

Over 20 years experience fishing Lake Lanier and as a full-time professional guide
  • Has Fished Lake Lanier Since He Was 13 Years Old
  • Competed For Over 10 years On The B.A.S.S. & U.S. Bass Tournament Trails
  • Won 2 National Tournaments on Lake Lanier
  • Qualified for The Bassmasters Classic
  • Left Pro Circuit in 1998 to Devote 100% of His Time to Fishing Lake Lanier
  • Operates Fish Lanier Guide Service 12 months a Year Due to The Great Year-Round Fishing on Lake Lanier
  • Not Many Other Lakes Offer The Level of Fishing For Both Striper And Spotted Bass on The Same Day