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February 3, 2015 Crappie/Striper Report

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Crappie are getting cranked up on Lake Lanier. I went out on a couple of crappie charters last week and boated around 50 nice fish on each outing. The water temps are holding around 47 degrees which is perfect for winter time crappie. The lake level is nearly full and the water color is a […]

Striper/Crappie Report March 25, 2014

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Fishing has still been good for crappie. Ive had my best luck on sunny days which bunches up the crappie around shallow boat docks. I fished Sunday for crappie and struggled to catch around 40 fish but it stayed overcast all day which makes it a little tougher on the dock bite. Still getting the […]

Crappie Report February 15, 2014

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Went out for crappie first time since the snow this past Friday and Saturday. Crappie were on fire. Friday Feb. 12 , I went out with Fred and Larry Schoenfeld. We boated around 190 crappie. Caught em all on jigs at same depths 20-5 ft. The water temps. were still holding at 39-42 that morning […]

Crappie Report February 8, 2014

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Went out on a crappie charter Saturday with some new customers Asif Taufio and his son Sarosh. They had never crappie fished before but wanted to give it a try. We had a slow start taking a few hours for them to get a feel for the subtle bite of a winter crappie strike. Once […]

Crappie Report February 5, 2014

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Went out Last Saturday Feb. 2 for crappie. The crappie action was still on. That was a beautiful day compared to what we have had lately. The air temps. that day got up into the mid 50’s but water temps are still hanging around 44 to 45 degrees. We ended up with approx. 55 keepers. […]

Ice Fishing for crappie January 27, 2014

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Went out Monday with long time customer Jonathan Carter. Fishing was a little tougher today but we managed to catch around 55 keeper crappie. Jigs produced all the action. The Bobby Garland shad worked well and also caught some on 1/24 oz. chartruese halflies. The depths of the crappie are still the same at 5-25 […]

Crappie Report January 25, 2014

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Went on a crappie charter with Randy and Christy Reddish. We learned it’s never too cold to catch crappie. Water temps ranged that day anywhere from 38-44 degrees. We ended up that day with around 90 crappie with 77 keepers. We caught em all on jigs at 20-5 ft. depths. We headed up the Chestatee […]

Crappie Report January 16, 2014

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      Crappie fishing is on fire.I booked a last minute crappie trip today and what a good day to be on the water. Me and one client boated over 100 in about 6 hrs.We are right on a full moon and they are really active.We got them all on jigs fishing 5-15 ft. […]

Crappie Report January 4, 2014

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Went to Lake Hartwell today to fish for crappie. We usually catch some nice fish there this time of year. When we launched the boat the water temps were in the high 40’s which is fine for crappie. This time of year the sunshine is the key to making the fish turn on which we […]

Crappie Report December 31, 2013

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Went out today with Jon Whimpy from J.W. Trucks on crappie fishing trip. We got out on the lake around 10:30 and crappie fished until around 3:30. Crappie bit well when we first got on the lake but slowed down that afternoon. Probably was due to the front coming in. The temperature dropped quite a […]