Crappie Report December 31, 2013

by doug

Went out today with Jon Whimpy from J.W. Trucks on crappie fishing trip. We got out on the lake around 10:30 and crappie fished until around 3:30. Crappie bit well when we first got on the lake but slowed down that afternoon. Probably was due to the front coming in. The temperature dropped quite a bit and barometer shot up. We ended up with around 50 good slabs. Later in the afternoon we chased stripers for a while with urigs. Saw lots of fish mixed in bait schools in the backs of  the creeks but only hooked up on two stripers. The urig action should continue to be the way to hook up on stripers now as the water temps have dropped  in the low 50’s. Will be out tomorrow and will report backs soon.













We boated around 50 nice fish on chartuese and shad colored jigs.  Later in the day the front came through and slowed them down a bit. We got the urigs out for the stripers and trolled for a few hours. We had two good fish hit our urigs but came unhooked before we got em to the boat. Saw lots of stripers in the creeks where we located good bait schools. I think we hit the stripers a little late also. The front slowed them down a little also. Talked to one buddy on the lake that said he caught a few casting alabama rigs.

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